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⭒ Legislation History

Medi-Cal Notice • SB 69 (Mello) requires nursing homes to provide every resident or applicant and their representative a notice of spousal impoverishment and Medi-Cal rights. Effective January 1, 1988.

Transfer Trauma • AB 2196 (Friedman) establishes policies to reduce transfer trauma when nursing home residents are being transferred to another facility. These policies must include a medical assessment of the patient’s condition, counseling services, evaluation of relocation needs, 30 day advance notice, and appropriate arrangements for future medical care. Effective January 1, 1988.

Theft & Loss • AB 2047 (Katz) requires nursing homes to develop and implement specific theft and loss reduction programs to protect patient’s property. Effective January 1, 1988.

Elder Abuse • SB 1162 (Mello) defines the inappropriate use of chemical and physical restraints as “physical abuse,” and makes such abuse subject to California’s Elder Abuse Law. Effective January 1, 1988.

Nursing Home Administrators • SB 183 (Mello) requires reporting to DHS of any changes in administrator; requires Board of Nursing Home Administrators to track record of administrators. Effective January 1, 1988.

Admission Agreements • SB 1330 (McCorquodale) provides consumer protections in nursing home admission agreements. Effective January 1 1988, facilities are required to explicitly state, in large print, a number of patients’ rights regarding admission and to list all patients’ rights. Effective January 1, 1988.

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