AB 1900 (Arambula): Increase Maintenance Need Income Levels

The Medi-Cal share of cost program extends Medi-Cal eligibility to low-income older adults and people with disabilities who have significant health care needs but are just above the free Medi-Cal income limit. The share of cost program acts as a critical pathway to health care coverage, but outdated income limits force people to spend more than half of their income on health care needs every month.

AB 1809 (Aguiar-Curry): Nursing Facility Resident Informed Consent Protection Act of 2022

Despite dangerous side effects, condemnation by care providers, and a decade-long national and state campaign to reduce the inappropriate use of psychotropic drugs in nursing homes, over half of California nursing home residents are being given psychotropic drugs, typically without informed consent. AB 1809 would codify and expand existing informed consent rules to ensure nursing home residents are given important information about drugs that are prescribed for them and an opportunity to consent or withhold consent.