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The Honorable Gavin Newsom
Governor, State of California
1021 O Street, Suite 9000
Sacramento, CA  95814

Submitted via email to leg.unit@gov.ca.gov

Re: AB 1502 (Muratsuchi & Wood) – Request for Veto

Dear Governor Newsom:

Please veto AB 1502.  The bill was intended to provide long overdue reform to California’s nursing home change of ownership system but, due to hundreds of amendments imposed by the California Department of Public Health, it only entrenches our awful status quo.  The amendments:

  • stripped crucial suitability standards, inviting our worst operators to expand their nursing home chains; 
  • limited the state’s vetting process to “applicants,” and will not include the owners at the top of the chains; and 
  • replaced strong enforcement measures to prevent unlawful nursing home operations with discretionary, weak enforcement that invites non-compliance.

AB 1502 was meant to close the door on the expansion efforts of our worst nursing home operators.  With the new amendments, AB 1502 opens that door wider than ever.



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