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Assembly Member Jim Wood, Chair
Assembly Health Committee
State Capitol, Room 6005
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: AB 1502 (Muratsuchi) – Support

Dear Chairman Wood:

I urge you and the members of the Assembly Health Committee to support AB 1502 (Muratsuchi), The Skilled Nursing Facility Ownership and Management Reform Act of 2021.

The pandemic has brought tragedy and death to nursing home residents throughout California and exposed severe problems in the state’s oversight of these facilities. One of the gravest dangers to residents is from the ownership and operation of skilled nursing facilities by unsuitable, unapproved, and unaccountable persons and entities. No factor has more impact on the quality of care in a nursing home than its owner.

Operators are continuing to own or run nursing homes in California without proper licensure.

These chain operators have acquired and are operating skilled nursing facilities without obtaining licenses and approvals from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), yet CDPH allows them to continue operating facilities even after denying licenses due to findings that they are unfit. Anyone is able to buy and operate nursing homes in California, no matter how terrible their performance history may be.

California has rolled out the welcome mat to bad actors who are seizing opportunities to profit at the expense of residents’ care, safety and lives. It is time to unroll that welcome mat.

AB 1502 will bring long-needed reforms that will give CDPH strong authority to disqualify unfit applicants, set suitability standards for operators, require prior approval to operate a skilled nursing facility, close licensure loopholes, give the public an opportunity to comment on pending change-of-ownership applications and sanction operators that do not comply.

Please vote “yes” on AB 1502 to prevent unfit operators from acquiring nursing homes and to save the lives of California nursing home residents.


Your name

cc:       Assembly Member Al Muratsuchi

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