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Assemblymember Alex Lee, Chair
Assembly Human Services Committee
1020 N Street, Rm. 124
Sacramento, California 95814

sent via CA Legislature Position Letter Portal

RE: AB 1911 (Gómez Reyes) – Support

Dear Chairperson Lee:

Filing a complaint against a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) is extremely frustrating.  The Department of Social Services (DSS) typically provides very few updates about its investigations, often leaving complainants in the dark about the status of their complaints.  In addition, complaints can take months or years as there are no rules setting any deadlines.  Finally, complainants who are not satisfied with the results of their complaints have no formal appeal process while facilities receive four separate levels of appeals.

AB 1911 provides much-needed enhancements to complaint investigations to make them speedier, fairer, and more robust, including:

  1. Requiring notice to complainants when their complaint is set aside and not investigated.
  2. Mandating DSS to send complainants written notice that their complaint has been received and important information about the complaint investigation process.
  3. Requiring DSS to make a good faith effort to interview the complainant before it starts its investigation.
  4. Imposing deadlines for complaint investigations, ending the often-interminable wait for complaint closures.
  5. Giving complainants the right to appeal an outcome they find unsatisfactory.

Most of these requirements are already supposed to be part of CCL’s complaint investigation procedures but compliance is sporadic.  AB 1911 gives these procedures the force of law and brings much needed parity between nursing home and RCFE complaint investigations.

Please vote yes on AB 1911.


[Your name]

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