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Senator Richard D. Roth, Chair
Senate Health Committee
1021 O Street, Rm. 3310
Sacramento, California 95814

sent via CA Legislature Position Letter Portal

RE: AB 2075 (Alvarez) – Support

Dear Chairperson Roth:

The COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on residents of long-term care facilities.  In addition to virus-caused sickness and death, residents suffered severe loss from imposed lockouts that separated residents from their families, friends, and other essential support persons.  Support persons provide companionship, cognitive stimulation, communication assistance, meaningful connection, physical activity, and assistance with daily living tasks, such as dressing, hygiene, and eating.   The rate of malnutrition in nursing homes rose from 5% to nearly 25% from 2020-2022!  The full extent of support provided to long term care residents by friends and families was poorly understood by the policymakers who imposed the lockouts.

During a public health crisis or other emergency situation, long term care residents are even more vulnerable than normal to abuse or neglect because oversight bodies are not able to perform their ordinary supervisory functions.  During the pandemic, support persons were barred from visiting at a time when residents needed them the most. 

Throughout 2023, the California Long Term Care Facility Access Policy Workgroup met and submitted a report regarding resident access during public health emergencies.  The group’s recommendations represent a consensus of support persons, care providers, public health officials, and resident advocates.  AB 2075 codifies the key Workgroup recommendations by giving every resident of a nursing home or assisted living facility the right to in-person, onsite access to support persons and other critical health care and social services providers during any public health emergency.  Support persons may be required to adhere to the same safety protocols required of facility staff and may be limited as to the number able to visit at any one time.  AB 2075 also guarantees residents have the right to leave the facility on outings, so long as reasonable safety precautions are taken.

AB 2075 ensures long term care facility residents a necessary minimum level of support during public emergencies from the people they love and trust the most.

Please vote yes on AB 2075.


[Your name]

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