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Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian
Chair, Assembly Aging and Long-Term Care Committee
1020 N Street, Room 153
Sacramento, California 95814

sent via CA Legislature Position Letter Portal

RE: AB 2546 (Nazarian) Resident-Designated Support Persons Act -Support

Dear Chairperson Nazarian:

I write in strong support of your bill, AB 2546, to give every resident of a nursing home or assisted living facility the right to in-person, onsite and unscheduled access to a minimum of two resident designated support persons during any public health emergency in which residents’ normal visitation rights are curtailed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on residents of long-term care facilities. In addition to virus-caused sickness and death, residents suffered from severe isolation and neglect due to government-imposed visitation lockouts.

Locking out their loved ones in the name of keeping residents safe has been extraordinarily cruel and harmful. Residents lost the love and companionship of their families and friends, but also the life sustaining care, support, advocacy, encouragement, and help with communications their loved ones often provided on a daily basis.

During the pandemic, support persons have been barred from visiting when long term care facility residents needed them the most. Visitors were banished at the very same time residents were highly vulnerable to abuse and neglect due to extreme staffing shortages in facilities and to the suspension of oversight inspections.

AB 2546 ensures long term care facility residents a necessary minimum level of support during public emergencies from the people they love and trust most.

Thank you for introducing this vital reform. I urge the Assembly Aging and Long-Term Care Committee to protect long-term care facility residents from undue isolation and harm during public health emergencies by voting “yes” on AB 2546.


[Your name]

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