AB-665 Fact Sheet

During the pandemic, residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFEs) took necessary measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. This involved restricting physical contact and social interaction for their residents. However, these measures can cause residents to experience isolation and loneliness. This bill would require a facility with existing internet service to have available at least one internet access tool with videoconference technology.

AB-1502 Fact Sheet

The Problem: Residents’ lives are endangered because California allows unfit and unscrupulous operators to acquire and operate skilled nursing facilities. Operators no longer need a license to own or run nursing homes in California. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) allows chain operators to acquire and operate skilled nursing facilities without prior approval and permits them to continue operating facilities after denying licenses due to findings that they are unfit.

AB-279 Fact Sheet

 Assemblyman Muratsuchi’s bill would prohibit the owner of an ICF or SNF from involuntarily transferring a resident to another facility, during any declared state of emergency relating to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), except if the owner files for bankruptcy. For up to a year after this expiration, facilities would be required to provide six months of advance notice of any planned closure.