If passed, AB 1243 will restrict the hearing of protective orders to either the probate or family courts. AB 1243 would prohibit the plaintiff’s attorney from seeking a protective order in civil, thus creating the procedural necessity of having to get before a probate or family court judge. If the financial abuse case is destined to be heard in civil court, having to go plead for a protective order in any court but the civil is not an efficient approach to justice.


AB 499 seeks to amend California law governing referral agencies for assisted living facilities (known in California as Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly or RCFEs) to provide accountability, but instead creates unnecessary communication and compliance barriers. Specifically, while the bill allows referral agencies to provide information to seniors about its services and fees verbally, it requires seniors to submit a written request if they want to receive such information in writing.


Since the outbreak of this horrible pandemic, CANHR has been inundated with calls from desperate and distraught family members about COVID-related illnesses and deaths and the substandard care their loved ones received in nursing homes. If enacted, AB 1313 would grant blanket immunity for COVID-related illness, injury, or death in all instances except where there was a grossly negligent act, or omission, willful or wanton misconduct, or unlawful discrimination by a business or an employee of the business.