SB 263 (Dodd): Insurance: Annuity & Life Insurance Consumer Protections

CANHR supported the initial March 7, 2023, version of SB 263, which would have protected vulnerable seniors from potential financial abuses in the sale of annuity and insurance products. However, the April 17, 2023, amended version of SB 263 substantially weakened the bill by limiting its scope and gutting its standard of care. The latest version of the bill would harm consumers for the following reasons.

SB 232 (Niello): Mental Health Services: Gravely Disabled

Attempts to change a key element of the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act, the landmark 1967 legislation that ended the involuntary institutionalization of people with severe mental-health issues. Under this proposal, the definition of what constitutes a “gravely disabled” person would be amended to include homeless persons who are unable to care for themselves. Status: Referred to Committees on Health and Judiciary

SB 774 (Jones & Grove): Nonprofit Health Facilities: Sale of Assets: Attorney General Approval: Conditional Consent

Would severely limit the authority of California’s Attorney General to protect access and affordability of hospital services provided by most hospitals in California. This would in turn impact healthcare costs for Californians, including members of the small business community who already struggle with access to affordable care. Status: Set for hearing 4/12/23.

SB 875 (Glazer): Referral source for residential care facilities for the elderly: duties

This bill would recast the requirements on a placement agency and its employees to instead be requirements on a referral source, defined to mean any specified county department, stated-funded program, agency, or person that is engaged in identifying senior housing options at residential care facilities for the elderly. Status: Set for hearing 4/17/23.