AB 1502 (Muratsuchi and Wood): Skilled Nursing Facility Ownership and Management Reform

CANHR was the bill’s sponsor and worked diligently to secure its passage. Unfortunately the recent extensive amendments eviscerate the bill and will harm nursing home residents. Status: On Governor’s Desk Read the Bill Download Opposition Fact Sheet Read CANHR Oppose Letter Read CANHR Letter to Governor asking to veto this Bill Please Write to the Governor Opposing This Bill: See Sample Oppose Letter

AB 1320 (Jones): Life Insurance – Nonpayment Premium Notice

This bill would eliminate consumer protections for everyone who purchased life insurance prior to January 1, 2013, and would disproportionately impact seniors and the disabled for whom the existing laws were designed to protect.  These existing protections seek to address the historical problem of life insurance policies of elders and the disabled lapsing due to cognitive impairment, infirmity, or death.  SB 1320 would eliminate these protections.

AB 499 (Rubio): Referral Source for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly

This bill would require an RCFE referral agency to provide certain disclosures to seniors, and to maintain a minimum amount of liability coverage, but does not provide oversight or sufficient enforcement mechanisms. Status: Ordered to the inactive file. Read the Bill Read CANHR Oppose Unless Amended Letter Read CANHR’s Letter of Continued Opposition