AB 1537 (Wood): Direct Care Spending Requirement for Skilled Nursing Facilities

This bill would require, no later than July 1, 2024, the establishment of a direct patient-related services spending, reporting, and rebate requirement for skilled nursing facilities, with exceptions. Under the direct patient-related services spending requirement, the bill would require that a minimum of 85% of a facility’s total non-Medicare health revenues from all payer sources in each fiscal year be expended on residents’ direct patient-related services, as defined.

AB 1906 (Gipson): Persons With Disabilities: Terminology

This bill would change those terms in selected statutes to “person with a disability” and “adult with a disability” and would state the intent of the Legislature that those terms be changed in the remaining code sections provisions of law that use them as changes are made to the code those statutes are amended in the future.

AB 2356 (Wallis): Increase Medi-Cal Personal Needs Allowance for Nursing Home Residents

Currently, nursing home residents on Medi-Cal must pay almost all their monthly income as a share of cost to their facility, and are only allowed to keep a $35 personal needs allowance. For most, this amount does not even allow them to pay for a cell phone bill, or purchase new clothing. This bill would increase the monthly maintenance amount for personal and incidental needs from $35 to $50, and would require that the amount be increased annually, as specified.