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Assemblymember Muratsuchi’s bill to temporarily halt evictions from nursing homes (SNFs) and intermediate care facilities (ICFs) during the pandemic state of emergency will soon face a vote on the Assembly floor—in the face of strong resistance from industry lobbyists. AB 279 would prohibit the owner of an ICF or SNF from involuntarily transferring a resident to another facility, during any declared state of emergency relating to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), except if the owner files for bankruptcy. For up to a year after this expiration, facilities would be required to provide six months of advance notice of any planned closure.

This bill would provide a critical safety net to seniors and their families who are currently unable under COVID visitation rules to first inspect new facilities that would be accepting transfer. While industry lobbyists argue that this would harm financially strained nursing homes, the bill provides an exemption for facilities in genuine financial distress.  

CANHR urges that everyone reach out to their local assemblyperson in support of this important piece of legislation. More details about the bill can be found in the CANHR fact sheet HERE. When calling your legislator, it is enough to state your name and address and that the assemblyperson support this important bill to protect seniors during the state of emergency. 

Call your  local assemblyperson today in support
of this important piece of legislation.

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